Visitors hope to see an armadillo when visiting Texas.

Every time a visitor arrives from out of state, they want to see an armadillo. After all, the armadillo has been designated the State Small Mammal of Texas.

And yes, there used to be a music venue in Austin named the Armadillo World Headquarters, if you’re wondering.

When I took…

Naturalist. Humanist. Teller of tales. Autodidact. Lover of people, plants, places, and ideas.

When I was a child, I listened to the words of Big Wicked Bill and cried for the dog.

Now my heart knows why Stuart Hamblen sang, “Sometimes in the hush of an evening when the winds have grown tired and are stilled, By the fire, I sit dozing and…

Nine tested crops that will definitely expand your hot weather menu.

It seems oddly unfair somehow. It’s July, day after day, the temperature stays over one hundred degrees and the nights are seventy-five and humid.

All I want from my garden is crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and yes, maybe a watermelon.

I’m talking HOT weather.

Not midwest hot and humid with nights in the mere…

Childhood monsters of loss, sadness, and pain might hide under the bed.

I never expected it to be this hard. Possibly, writing a memoir while feeling lonely during the forced isolation of a pandemic is not the wisest choice I’ve ever made. Or, just maybe, it’s given me the time to dig deeper than I might otherwise have done.

“In some ways…

5 simple techniques to create a reader persona or avatar.

Have you ever published something and gotten a resounding echo in response? Nobody read your article, the editor rejected your book, or you sold one lonely e-book?

What went wrong? You thought your writing was interesting, structured properly, and your grammar was correct. I’ve had this happen, and it sucks!

I’ve learned to ask this essential question, “Why should my reader care about what I’ve written?”

It’s not good for our body or our mind.

Have you ever stood up after hours at the computer and tried to shake a little feeling back into your derriere? It can literally go numb if you sit for hours at a time—a friend of mine calls it flat butt syndrome.

It makes me chuckle, but the damage done…

Or realistically positive?

Recently, one of my dearest friends in the entire world told me they enjoyed my weekly newsletter, but then added, “Except, are you really always that damn cheerful?”

I’d never thought of my state of mind that way, and if they lived with me day after day, they would know…

Why what I say matters.

Recently, I wrote about my 25-year journey to understand personal boundaries. In that story, I said,

I’ve been digging up these unwieldy rocks from the past to create something beautiful. …

Do they protect us or inhibit our freedom?

Boundary. What image does that word bring to your mind? Tumbling wildflowers and herbs softening ancient stones? Border walls, barbed wire fences, and prison guards?

Does a boundary separate desperate parents from their children, protect a baby from drowning in a swimming pool or Rover from traffic in the street?

Highlights from S.T.O.M.P.—Episode #12.

I'm Cindy Heath, and I was thrilled to interview Michelle. Like me, she has a tie to Alaska and loves animals, the wilderness, and gardening. But I knew there was so much more.

Michelle McAfee keeps rediscovering herself. At 12, she was helping her family build a log cabin, taught…

Cindy Heath

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