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  • Pavane Mann

    Pavane Mann

    Wandering is what I have done best, which introduced me to people, places, experiences, adventures and great learning .

  • Jules Weldon

    Jules Weldon

    On a journey of self discovery. Exploring how I got to this place now, moving through grief and aiming to discover who I am through writing.

  • Carl Gerber

    Carl Gerber

    Welcome to a Handbook for Planet Earth — Where I explore actionable hacks to integrate personal growth and spirituality into daily life — #mindfulness

  • Dr. Roopleen

    Dr. Roopleen

    Founder | Author | Blogger | I write about personal development, success and motivation

  • Noelle R. Beauregard

    Noelle R. Beauregard

    Top Writer: Poetry. Smoking 🖋for hire: Copywriter for Nonprofits and Not-For-Profit Healthcare. Also open to other projects. Email:

  • Gustavo Gallina

    Gustavo Gallina

    Everything you need to know to start your self-improvement journey.

  • Karen Monteith

    Karen Monteith

    I love reading, writing, natural health, travel, gardening and all creative needle-arts. As an elder, I’m trying to live my best life possible every day.

  • Adam J. Blust

    Adam J. Blust

    Writing memoir and memoir-adjacent stories. Hoping that exploring the past will illuminate the future. “How’s that working out for you, being clever?”

  • Emily Roawr

    Emily Roawr

    Career veterinarian pivoting. I write about animals, queers, adoption, alcohol free life, and art. Inquiries may be directed to

  • Rob Lefort

    Rob Lefort

    Holistic Nutritionist | Behavioral Scientist | Specialized in Weight Management and Autoimmune Nutrition

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